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Benjamin T. Beasley

Extensive practical experience. Focused solutions.


Juris Doctor | Harvard Law School

Practice Areas

Business Law | Real Estate | Finance


Utah | New York

Second Languages



Skiing | Climbing | Tennis | Travel


Business Law

From local business owners to Wall Street firms, Ben has helped with matters ranging from garage startups and new business formation to multi-billion dollar international transactions. His goal is to create value for you via implementing solutions for all types of company needs, whether business creation, structuring, investment, negotiating, or operational.

Real Estate

Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, developer, contractor, or association, your real estate needs are paramount. If you are selling a home, building a large commercial project, considering an investment, extending funding, or swinging a hammer, Ben will help you protect your interests and wisely move forward.


Whether you are a lender, borrower, or other party, Ben has helped similar clients on hundreds of financing projects. From initial discussions and assembling a team, to negotiating terms, drafting deal documents, addressing late-stage issues, closing the deal, or addressing disputes at any point, he has been there before and will seek to help you meet your goals as efficiently as possible.

Business Law

Care for your business.

Ben will help you through the full timeline of your business’s life, protecting your interests in both the short and long terms. Initial formation and subsequent restructuring can take a variety of shapes, whether a partnership, family business, limited liability company, or other corporate entity, and the form that will work best for you requires careful consideration of your goals, finances, and personnel, as well as the legal requirements for different businesses.

Your business has a life of its own. Ensure it gets the consideration that it needs.


Ben can help you ensure that your business is structured properly and anticipate, and avoid or resolve in advance, many problems that may otherwise later arise. He can also help you analyze, structure, and negotiate a business investment; guide you through business disputes; buy or sell a business; and structure your employee and contractor relationships.


Key areas of expertise include:

  • Business formation and structuring

  • Contracts

  • Operations structuring

  • Buying and selling a business

  • Business financing

  • Business disputes

  • Employment and contractor needs

  • Starting a business

  • Business documentation and corporate formalities

  • Non-competition and non-disclosure agreements

Business Law

Real Estate

Care for your real estate needs.

Ben represents individuals and businesses in real estate transactions of all types. He can help with purchases and sales, negotiation, discussions, understanding, and litigation, with respect to property boundaries, easements, rights of way, uncertainties, and other areas in which the rights of two property owners clash or overlap.


Maintain your real estate rights.

If you are renting out property or are planning to enter into a lease, ensure that your approach, terms, and documents work properly to protect your interests and meet your goals. Ben will help you understand your rights and obligations under background law and contracts. In addition, he can help you work with governmental agencies, regulators, and other bodies for real estate-related issues, such as eminent domain, land use, and other problems and questions that arise.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate

  • Title insurance and review

  • Buyer rights

  • Seller rights

  • Lender rights

  • Real estate finance

  • Land use permitting

  • Construction contracts

  • Liens

  • Complex development projects

  • Condemnation

  • Easements

  • Property line disputes

Real Estate


Care for your money.

In the United State and globally, money and credit are critical to the operation of the economy and all entities and actors, from sovereign nations to the newest startup. Ben can help you understand changes in credit issues from governmental regulation, technology, and case law, as well as the ever-changing lending markets, and how those changes can impact your needs, opportunities, and transactions. He works with both federal and state law as well as regulators and administrative agencies that impact client needs.


Money and credit: the fuel for growth.


Finance is strongly affected by various additional areas of client needs, such as legal authority, business and finance solicitation, taxation, and rules for doing business. Commercial lending and real estate are also key areas of the finance world, and he advises in areas such as property rights, homeowner associations, leasehold interests, securitizing loans in various ways, rules related to recording, title insurance, escrow, and various types of ownership or user interests.


Key areas of expertise include:

  • Commercial loans

  • Real estate loans

  • Real estate investing and cash infusions

  • Loan structuring and documentation

  • Equity investments

  • Convertible instruments

  • Secured loans

  • Letters of credit

  • Troubled loan workouts

  • New financial products

  • Enforcement against security



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