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and everything in between

We help business and real estate entrepreneurs protect their businesses by taking the right legal risks.  


 business attorneys

Our business attorneys help entrepreneurs turn ideas into scaleable, sellable businesses

legal technology

Our proprietary technology automates and simplifies legal processes so we can focus on your complex legal issues


Our community of entrepreneurs, advisers, and professionals provide the needed network to support all areas of your growing business

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wE'LL HELP YOU protect your ideas and business by understanding and TAKing THE RIGHT risks.

Entrepreneurs need to move quickly,

yet a single legal stumble can cripple a business. You need someone on your team to identify common missteps and eliminate unnecessary risks so you can move forward with confidence.


We'll be protecting your business every step of the way:

structuring your business entity and tax planning

Purchasing, leasing & selling real estate

Hiring and building your team

Resolving complex legal disputes & Lawsuits

Protecting your intellectual property

negotiating complex contracts

Securing financing, investment & growth capital

Buying a competitor's business

Selling your business

Investing in other entrepreneurs

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3 Step Plan for Stress-Free Legal Support


Plan your strategy


take the right risks


change the world

We work with bold visionaries who pull off the impossible every day.

From real estate developers to technology businesses to professional practices,

our entrepreneur clients are disrupting industries and reaching unscaled heights. And what they need from their law firm is unique as well.

We built Freeman Lovell to help entrepreneurs protect their businesses against the hidden legal risks that cause many businesses to stumble.

We brought together experienced legal minds who share one vision: helping entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams. Whether our clients are just starting out... already experiencing exponential growth... or ready to sell... Freeman Lovell helps build businesses that change the world.

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with hundreds of millions in business & real estate deals closed, our clients are disrupting industries and building the future

Make sure you're protecting your business by taking the right risks.

Get your free business risk score now!

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