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Intellectual Property




Starting a new business or launching a new product or service requires a significant investment of resources — both human and financial. Developing product designs, names, slogans, logos and other marketing elements plays a significant role in this process and in your future outcomes.


It is critical that you protect these and other elements of intellectual property, otherwise you could face legal threats that could put the future of your business at risk. At Freeman | Lovell, PLC, our experienced intellectual property lawyers can assist you with trademarks, copyrights and other legal measures to protect your interests.


Trademarks for Intellectual Property Protection

You can choose from a variety of options for protecting your business artifacts under federal law. Trademarks are one of the most common types of intellectual property protection. You can trademark a product or service. You can also protect brand elements such as packaging with trademarks. Copyrights apply to artistic creations and other creative works (including website designs and architecture), whereas patents may be the best way to protect an original, tangible concept.


You can protect trade secrets, defined as any information that provides you with an advantage over your competitors, under state-specific laws.

How an Intellectual Property Lawyer Can Help

Without adopting proactive protection strategies, you can potentially put yourself and your business at risk. Trademarks and other legal protections help prevent others from stealing your ideas and concepts, but these alone only provide a fraction of the protection you need.

Working with an intellectual property attorney is a cost-effective way to ensure that no one is already using your ideas in their business. Working on your behalf, an attorney can ensure that your intellectual property protection applications are correct and that you obtain the specific types of protection that are appropriate for your business model.


Our attorneys can also represent you in intellectual property disputes and related legal matters.

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Trusted Intellectual Property Attorneys

Whether you need help with obtaining a trademark, or another party is using your intellectual property without the proper permissions, Freeman | Lovell, PLC, can assist you.


We can prepare and submit your applications and work though the lengthy process of obtaining trademarks and other intellectual property protections. We can represent you as either the plaintiff or defendant in any legal matter involving intellectual property, working tirelessly to protect your legal rights and business interests.


Our experienced business lawyers and legal team understand the importance of protecting the ideas, concepts and artifacts that represent you and your successes. Trust us to assist you with all types of intellectual property matters. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule your personal consultation.

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