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The business and real estate attorneys of Freeman | Lovell, PLC serve clients of all sizes and types, across the United States. From our primary office locations in Utah, Texas, Arizona, Maryland and Massachusetts, we help businesses and entrepreneurs navigate a variety of potentially complex challenges on their way to finding – and maintaining – success.


We provide value-added legal representation with a focus on helping you simplify and automate as much as possible. We have forged an extensive network of resources, which we make available to assist you with every aspect of your business.

Business Meeting

Taking a Proactive Approach to Business Law

Our real estate and business lawyers understand the high level of risk that businesses face today, and we are always there to assist our clients with all types of legal issues. But we also understand that the best legal defense is often a strong offense – and that’s why we take a proactive approach to helping our clients minimize their potential risk.


We are a team of experienced, forward-looking attorneys who understand today’s business climate and the complex legal aspects that are involved. Whatever industry or sector you operate within, we have the real-world solutions you need.

Comprehensive Business & Real Estate Legal Services

We provide a full range of real estate and business law services. From the most basic of contractual transactions to highly complex, multi-million-dollar mergers and acquisitions, we customize our services to the specific needs of our clients.

Some of our foundational services involve assisting our clients with human resources and employment matters, from employment contracts to legal compliance and beyond. We assist with contract writing, negotiation and execution as well as structuring private securities offerings such as hedge funds, private equity funds and real estate syndication. We also offer assistance with a variety of intellectual property protection methods, such as trademarks and copyrights.

Our clients range from startups and entrepreneurial ventures to large, established businesses. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been successfully operating your business for decades, we have the highly personalized legal services you’ve been looking for.

Courthouse Steps

Our Business Lawyers Are There for You – Wherever You May Be

Today’s business clients are no longer tethered to any specific location. With the ability to meet and do business around the world right from your home or office, we know that you need a legal firm that can be there for you wherever you go.


We have locations across the U.S., from which we assist clients from every state. Our approach lets us provide a full range of services remotely, and we can deliver all of our services in a virtual environment. Of course, we offer traditional, in-person legal consultations and assistance as well, but we know the key to helping you succeed is offering the maximum flexibility to meet your needs.

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