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New Website Design and Introduction to CAS

We hope you are all keeping safe and healthy. We understand that at this time, there is a large amount of uncertainty in the economy, and we are not sure what the new normal will be or when it will arrive.

Last week, if you had visited our website, you might have noticed that it looks a bit different than before. If you haven’t seen the changes yet, please check it out by clicking HERE. Over the past few months, we have been working on a full redesign of our website to help you better navigate and understand the services we can provide.

In addition to our traditional legal services, we have included a new service designed to help you save money and time while keeping your business safe from legal risks. The new service is our Contract Automation Suite ("CAS," for short), our tech solution for small businesses to protect themselves with robust legal documents on a budget.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can enter your company's information and generate custom drafts of critical legal documents to protect and drive your business forward. CAS is available in both "a la carte" (in which you only pay for each individual document you generate), or unlimited for $100/month. With the unlimited plan, you can create as many contracts as your business needs, instantly. With both options, you can either take the contract and go, or you can ask us to do a quick review to make sure it fits your situation perfectly.

CAS currently includes:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

  • Employee Offer Letter

  • Employment Agreement

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Proprietary Information, Non-Compete, and Non-Solicitation Agreement (PIIA)

  • Separation Agreement

However, these are not the only contracts we will include in CAS. We are continually working on adding additional legal documents to CAS that will help your business grow and strengthen in this uncertain time.

To sign up and to access our CAS, visit our website HERE

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